Brake Rotors, Brakes, & Tires

It's important to keep your car's tires and brakes in top condition so that you have better handling and control over your vehicle. Don't let worn-out brake rotor, brakes, or tires cause a serious accident. At Jerauld's Car Care Center, we offer a complete brake and tire repair service for your vehicle. Call 619-474-6444 to make an appointment today or fill out our easy to use appointment form! If your brakes or brake rotors are worn out how do you expect to stop your vehicle? And if your tires are bald how do you expect to stay on the road? These are all parts that need to be maintained regularly to ensure the safety of you and your family when driving.

Brake Rotors | Brakes & Tires | National City Auto Repair | Jerauld's Car Care Center

Some of Our Most Popular Brake & Tire Services Include:

Complete Brake Services
Brake Pad Replacement
Rotors Replacement
All Vehicle Types Serviced
Brake Line Replacement
Master Cylinder Replacement
Caliper Replacement
Free Alignment Check

Avoid Accidents by Keeping Brakes & Tires in Good Condition

Your brakes and tires may be the main part of the car that keeps it safe to drive on the road. If the brakes & tires are not in good condition you may get a blowout, or may not be able to make a sudden stop if needed. Make sure you have good tires when you need the traction to move and have good brakes for when you need to stop. 

Brake Rotors | Brakes & Tires | National City Auto Repair | Jerauld's Car Care Center

How to Check if Your Brake Rotors Are Still Good

Checking if your brake rotors still have life left is something very simple but should still be left to a professional. What you can do to check brake rotors is run your finger from the middle to the edge. Be sure to only do this if you have not been driving the vehicle because the brake rotors may be hot if you have been driving. If you feel a lip at the end of the brake rotor they may not have much life left. Another sign to look for when checking the brake rotors is if they are uneven. They may feel bumpy and this is a sign that they are not wearing the same all around. Those are only the basic things to look for but it is always better to have one of our certified mechanics take a look at them for you to make sure everything else is OK with your brake rotors. Sometimes we can resurface the brake rotors to give them a little more life and save you money, to find out if we can resurface your brake rotors give us a call at 619-474-6444 or use our simple appointment form.

Brake Rotors | Brakes & Tires | National City Auto Repair | Jerauld's Car Care Center




At Jerauld's Car Care Center, we have a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on parts and labor for every job that we do. If you're not satisfied with a part, simply call us to get it replaced!

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