Why Do You Need A Professional for a Car Alignment?

Without a Professional wheel alignment for your vehicle it can become unsafe to drive it. If your car is pulling to one side or doesn't handle like it should, you most likely have a car alignment issue. Our expert staff at Jerauld's Car Care Center can perform car alignment repairs in no time to bring your car a smooth handle again. Call 619-474-6444 to make an appointment with our easy to use appointment form!
Stop driving around with an unsafe car alignment and take advantage of our wheel alignment special. We can service most cars at $49.99 and SUV and light trucks at $59.99. We also service European vehicles and offer a $69.99 alignment special. Bring your vehicle to our National City Boulevard location to get fixed today!

wheel alignment jeraulds car care center national city

Why is a Wheel Alignment Important?

If you are driving your car with a bad alignment, you can be spending more money one tires before you really need to buy new ones. If a car alignment is bad the tires can wear unevenly causing them to need replacement sooner then expected. You will notice this is the tires tread is worn down on either side. Rotating your tires can help slow this down, but all four tires will go bad before expected instead of only two. On most vehicles it is only the front end that get out of alignment, but for smaller and newer vehicles a four wheel alignment may be necessary.

wheel alignment jeraulds car care center national city

Wheel alignment services we offer:

Tire balancing
Wheel alignment to factory specs
Adjust air pressure to factory specs
Suspension and steering inspection

Your Car Should be Aligned if:

You experience vibration when driving
The car veers to the left or right
Steering wheel is not level when driving straight
Your tire tread is wearing unevenly

wheel alignment jeraulds car care center national city




At Jerauld's Car Care Center, we have a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on parts and labor for every job that we do. If you're not satisfied with a part, simply call us to get it replaced!

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